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Geomembrane installation

Installation in ponds

Polyethylene geomembranes can be easily installed in ponds. By means of new technologies these geomembranes are produced in big dimensions with lengths and widths over 100 and 10 meters respectively which accelerates installation.

After reaching the geometric shape and stable pond’s walls by excavation, Geomembrane sheets are expanded on the prepared base. Good flexibility and elongation without rupture leads to homogenous covering. Sheets are connected by means of Double wedge welding.  After connection of the sheets, end of sheets are put in a trenches which is drilled around the pond. Then the trenches is filled with soil or concrete and pond is ready to use.



Installation in foundations and tunnels

Use of geomembrane as a waterproofing material for underground constructions is a safe technology to safe the construction against destructive influence of water. In this technology a geomembrane layer is applied to prevent water entrance to the construction. Other geosynthetic products including geotextiles and dimpled sheets are also used to drain water. 

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